Race Pros Sports Timing

Saskatchewan’s Timing Company


About Race Pros

My name is Lyndon Smith and I’m the Chief Timing Officer at Race Pros.  2019 marked my 40th year as a runner. I’m a former Huskies Cross Country & Track athlete, and I still coach and compete in road racing, track, and some masters Tri events.  For 7-1/2 years I worked for a major international fitness retailer. During this time we sponsored hundreds of running events and race directed dozens of them.

All of these experiences led me to believe that we needed a Saskatchewan-owned timing company based in the province. As a result, Race Pros Sports  was formed in 2018.   Since  then,  we  have  successfully  timed  everything  from  winter  races  in  -40  °C ,  through  to  one  of  the  largest  races  in  Saskatchewan, with  2000  runners  and  walkers.